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Book 1: The Night I Became A Hero 

Grandpa has a glowing book that sucks Riles in – literally – to help Space Spy Drift Elwick defeat intergalactic pirates in this action-packed and humorous adventure.


Have you ever met a kid who dreamed about becoming a mid-level manager at some fortune 500 company? Me either. [Not that there’s anything wrong with that.]

Do you remember wanting to become a superhero? I do. [Were you 4? 8? Was it yesterday?] Shoot, I still want to be a hero – so do my kids.

Welcome to my secret hideout – my bat cave, if you will – a place for stories, tools and training for future heroes [both parents and kids]. Looking for adventures to read and live? Join us? Grab your super suit. Throw on a cape. Invite your super-friends.

Let’s get heroic together.


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Book 1: The Night I Became A Hero 

*This is Book 1 in the Story Keeping series.


a.r.marshall, phd

Hi. I’m Aaron. I love adventures – especially adventures with my dazzling wife and 3 curious kids, exploring California’s coastline.

I’ve spent the better part of the last two decades teaching, bagging graduate degrees in Philosophy and Education. My day jobs still allow me to teach, lead overseas trips, and work at a zoo. No matter what a particular day holds, I want to be a little more heroic when the sun sets. 

How about you? Want to be heroic? Grab your supersuit and join me.

This is my secret identity. Should I add glasses? No one knows I'm heroic. Shhh...
This is my secret identity. Should I add glasses? No one knows I’m heroic. Shhh…
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